ok guys intoday after this 2.9.2 update we lose our friends sooo i want to talk to bmgo

  • will i hear about news update in youtube videos new update is good but after u update i want u to reset this [add] system it just make friends apart away we all miss our friends it so sad u make 2.9.2 like can add only same country this game have 50M+ downloads cuz bmgo can make new online friends we can even add a people from different country, most players use english so it easy talk each other so i just wanna suggest u to bring back old [add] system so we can make friends we can be happy we can be talk every time we want and we can play muti games again so bmgo i love this game every time when i enter bmgo game there a people who care about me my friends now they all gone cuz of this new add system some players get chat bugs and is so annoy it u don't believe me bmgo search how to fix chat bug then u will see our mess so plz bring back our old [add] system [from dear ID 3748149104 player to bmgo] suggestion massage

  • @jack382494823 cool suggestion but sadly this update is permanent

  • the bg Devs staff don't have a single reason why they added this ugly tragic update.
    I'm ashamed of you, bg devs

  • @GabeTheDoggo someone bought the operation rights of bg thats why bg devs cant removed it even devs dont want it but they need to do it

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