Some suggestion for blockman GO

  • I have some suggestions and I hope u will do it (in the future) 👍
    1/ Please sometimes update Blockman Go on PC (I don't say u need u always update t, just a suggestion ❤ )
    2/ I have a bug need u guys asnwer. when i open BG on Pc. It has a notification Blockman GO(Not Responding). I ask some Youtuber to ask Bg ofical and they said the disk where the client has engough space and need restarting Pc to work. I did it but it wasn't work. Hope u asnwer me. HOw to fix it. Thanks ( Uh i have only 2GB RAM, don't know this reason is true, I don't sure.) ✌

  • Banned

    thank you I will tell the officials

  • Oh guys but can u asnwer me for 2/. How can i play on Bg PC offical

  • I have experienced this same thing, my other computer disk will not work and it is just annoying

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