Optimize about Mega wall and Gem knight

  • Hello blockman go studio and everyone here my name is Mitasu and i have some thing to say.

    We all know Mega wall and Gem knight game pretty good game but we should optimize and make it even better easy to play at first. About Mega wall first is that add new maps and chooses there is new classes and possible to win game under 5 minute. When the player dominate game hard its very hard to deal with and about it there should be a bounty that will give much money (how much money player had and kills the player bounty increases as how much money will give)

    About the guardian withers they should have much armor because the long ranged weapon (bow and arrow, bomber prop ect) is unfair and destroy it fast and safe.

    The long ranged classes basic attack same as how much damage weapons do, so dissable it because its too unfair and make the "close range" classes much strong.

    And about the Gem knight is that when the pool is full and complete it's very hard to find the Gem location and almost impossible for bad visioned players and make the Gem location with little more bright light or after few 5-8 minute if the rvery team pool is full all player will track Gem because of that another problem of long game and add new treasure that will give 300-500 cash extremely rare to find.

    Thank you everyone and i hope this adjustment will come true -Mitasu

  • @Mitasu thank you for the suggestion.

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