Broken update

  • The new update is broken, the game freezes from time to time, the most change is that normally the games freeze, I just freeze the problem started to happen in this version please fix it because of this I died in the game 20 times, it's really annoying

  • yeah me too this update sucks

  • @Turkaslani this could be because of your device and did you update to 2.9.2 ?

  • @AOX_pat there is a problem in the game because there was no freezing in other versions, it started to freeze in this version, and the system is freezing even though it is good, fix it as soon as possible, a friend said here already the game is up to date, i'm playing on the computer

  • @Turkaslani it could be because of your device try to clear cache or quit some groupchats if you are in so many cause they make the game lags otherwise please create a new category(topic) here to report it here is what you need to provide :

    your bg id
    bg version
    device type
    a quick video explaining the issue

    and that's all thank you

  • @AOX_pat J'ai fait ce que tu m'as dit, toujours pareil. Mon nouveau format, Ram 16 Go, le jeu devrait être impossible à geler, mais il se bloque toujours. La tête se tourne brusquement d'un côté ou il se bloque là, puis il revient à lui-même, J'y rejoue, ça s'en va, si c'est le cas, j'peux pas jouer au jeu

  • @AOX_pat By the way, the freezing thing happened at the end of the video, and I think that's why the game freezes, because when I turn the head a little, it suddenly turns moderately fast and when that happens, the game freezes because of that mistake, I think we should not call it freezing, but that sudden head turning is everyone. it's probably the problem with the

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