my rish account _LEAFY_ has been hacked pls help I will do anything to get it back😞

  • please my rish account LEAFY has been hacked pls help I will do anything😢

  • @WHOHACKEDLEAFY if you lost your account, please click this link below to submit a form:

    Please read the following tips carefully before submitting the form.

    💡Please answer all the questions as detailed as possible.
    💡If you do not fill in the relevant questions carefully, the form you submit will not be processed.
    💡If the information we find in the system does not match the information you provided, the form you submitted will not be processed.
    💡If you didn't have an email in your account (or the hacker put his email) just put "didnt put".
    💡If your friend was who topped up for you, ask him/her for the receipts.

    💡If the information you submit is correct, your password will be sent to your email address within 2-3 days. Please be patient. Thank you.

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