Please add a trading system for skyblock

  • Scamming has been a problem for a long time now. So why not just add a trading system. Here is how it works, You tap someone and a "Trade button" will appear. Then click on that and you will get a trading request. Then the guy you click will get a trade request. If he presses check he accepts if x then no. Then you can put something on your side and them on their side which both people can see. Then when you put your things you press check and when the other guy also put his things and press check they cannot edit the inventory( to prevent scams) then a confirmation button will appear making both people confirm if they want it or not. I dont know why this hasnt been added yet its so easy and people would love it.

    Tl Dr add a system where both people can trade. When your ok press check and you cant edit things when both people press check add another confirmation and if both people check they will exchange things and wont otherwise

  • @Cyber_Duo_1234 thx for your suggestion

  • @Cyber_Duo_1234 This is like what everyone wants lol

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