Blockman Go Event Suggestion

  • I'm wondering if this can be added to the BG events where there is this new currency called red tickets, these red tickets can be exchanged for the event currency tickets, for example if the event currency tickets is leaf tickets, you can exchange red tickets for leaf tickets or if the event currency tickets is candy tickets, you can exchange red tickets for candy tickets. You can get red tickets by completing the event task that rewards players red tickets, like for example, play games for 3 hours 0/10800 = 2 Red Tickets, or Do 2 Clan Task 0/2 = 1 Red Ticket. These task are limited meaning you can only do the event task with a limit of how much task you can do that rewards you red tickets which means if you completed 1 event task that rewards you red tickets, you can only complete the same event task 1 more time, then you won't be able to claim the reward after you have reached the limit. For another perspective, heres another example. Task Completed 1/2 Note: You Cannot Complete This Task Again After Reaching The Limit [Play 3 Games 0/3= 2 Red Tickets] This other example I am about to talk about is exchanging red tickets for the event currency tickets, when exchanging Red Tickets, you can recieve 7 event currency tickets per 1 red ticket you exchange. This will help improve events if say an event item cost 110 event currency tickets and the only way you can get it is by purchasing event currency tickets with g cubes and you can only recieve 95 event currency tickets in the entire event. You can exchange 3 red tickets for 21 event currency tickets and get the event item that cost 110 event currency tickets. The red tickets can also be used to purchase event items for example, 1 event item cost 3 red tickets. I hope this helps as many players cannot get their dream event item because most players do not have g cubes and they need to purchase event currency tickets with g cubes to recieve their dream event item.

  • @GreenDino okay thanks for suggestion

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