waiting role attribude failed problem

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    there was lots of problems and errors in bg but all of them fixed in new versions but this one remaining when i try to join some freind's game i mean not a normal game for exmaple i go to my freinds list refresh it and see one of my freinds is playing skyblock then i tap on the join buttom in side of his name and the game brings me to loading when loading finishs i see im spectating him this is also a bug i dont wanna spectate him i wanna join his game then when i tap on join the game buttom in up-left corner it brings me to loading again but this time when loading finishs it says waiting role attribude failed pls fix this

  • @JustAVillagerLOL thx for reporting it will be fixed soon as possible

  • @JustAVillagerLOL sorry, yes that bug happen sometimes when u spectate somebody.. Speacially skyblock... Don't worry we will fix it as soon as possible

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    @LOGGY_GAMER123 thanks let me tell u something hilarious about this one day I told one of my freinds do u wanna see my new house in realm city? He said yes I told him join my realm city now and I entered the game I waited for a few seconds fir him the I got the massage your freind is spectating then after another few seconds I got the massage your freind enter the game with you his character appeared in my realm it had his skin but the name showed above was this: 'noshowname' it wasn't his name plus he was moving his head in clockwise let me tell u more simple he was spinning and he had walking animation but he wasn't moving then after a few seconds his character disappeared I exited realm city went to his chat and asked him what happened to you? He answered the game kicked me and said waiting role attribude failed

  • @JustAVillagerLOL you make a report about it already why sending the samething over again

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    because its fun!

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