• These are features i would like to see ingame. 1. Flame stops. What do i mean by that. Flame should stop damage when you reach 1 hp. This is because you can kill the enemy but since the flame will last, you might die. My solution is to make it so that the effects are negated when you reach 1 hp so you dont get killed bacause of the fire but rather with the hits. And throwing tnt is messed up. You can accidently shoot yourself. It should be lighted as soon as its placed. And flash pearls should be for 2-3 emeralds. Censored swears would be nice to have. Reduce the luck for getting puzzle pieces. Its annoying when ur tryna grind. And different pearls that last longer or more probs. TY if you read so far 🙂

  • yeah goat youre right

  • @TheGoatYouSaw alright, thank you for the suggestion.

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