Account recovery

  • Hello,
    My sons account was stolen and the details changed, so i submitted a recovery request and this is the email we got back.
    What other details can i give to show that we own the account? I have every google receipt from the in game purchases and he has it saved to his log in section (he just cant access because the password is changed along with the email and secret question)

    "Dear player:
    The form you submitted has been reviewed based on the information you submitted. But the information you submitted doesn't match with our system and we still need more information about your account

    Thanks for your cooperation.
    Have a nice day!

    If you need to fill the form again please use another google email.

    If you need to provide more order receipts please contact us in Discord: Blockman GO: ,but if the information still can not match the result will be the same"

  • @Rowlet3638_BG There is a way to submit the form multiplied times, consider to try it again but keep in mind that the questions has to be exact.

  • Exact is hard when the details have been changed. I feel like the google receipts matching the times of purchases in game are the only exact thing i can offer right now.

    Esited: Also i cant add "I dont have one" to the email section on the recovery form as that isn't a valid email.

  • @Rowlet3638_BG

    Should be the “email” you can put.

  • Amazing, thanks! Resubmitting now 🙂

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