The worst things about BG pc ( to fix or rebuild)

  • Please developers fix this: When target the enemy and hit him, It can't be touched touching(hit) is sometimes possible 😞
    And the Graphic is not possible for fighting
    Please make the sprint settings and some more key settings
    We need to play with a toggled sprint mode but we can't
    We can just double click or click some key to activate sprint for only one time ;(
    With this Problems we can't play in pc at all
    ( I can't play in phone, I was playing in an Emulators but i can't play with a high FPS, in a client BG i can 🙂 . It's a best and comfortable client for BG but it has a lot of problems to fix for playing them, i just love BG ^_^ )

  • Banned

    @XxXANTITERRORXxX Mods will forward these ideas. Thanks for reporting.

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