Rules of Blockman Go Forum

  • BG Assistant

    For Keeping everything in Order we have some Rules on Blockman Go Forum listed below:

    • Please post all Questions, Reports, Topics in Correct Category.

    • Follow what Staff says & No Drama Allowed.

    • If you have any complaint regarding any staff please report it to Me & I shall look after it.

    • Please Don't Flag any post or User without any valid reason, the members who break this rule will be punished.(Flagging a moderator can be only done if the moderator has answered wrongly, if not then you will be punished)

    • No Advertising allowed without asking Staff.

    • No begging for gcubes or Any game related stuff in Forum.

    • Don't spread rumours at all whether they're true or not.

    • Don't talk about religion, politics or eroticism.

    • Spamming in any of its forms is unacceptable. Also creating spam or unnecessary Topics must be prevented.

    • We do encourage our Forum Members to create posts & Sub-Topics but please do it in correct Categories & Under correct Topics.

    • Inappropriate words (this includes abbreviations that have inappropriate words), inappropriate pictures and inappropriate videos aren't accepted here.

    • Discrimination in all its shapes and forms is unacceptable, No racists stuff allowed.

    • IP Grabbing links will cause sever punishment for you!!!

    • The staff team is here to help you guys so please don't fight/argue with them & please cooperate with them.

    • No-one is allowed to MINI-MOD on forum as we do have a very much trusted & verified staff, so Mini-Mod will cause severe punishments, after warn (This is to discourage people who may give wrong answers as "Half Knowledge is very dangerous", so even though you may know correct Answer to some Questions but please let Staff handle it.)

    • Please remember that staff are Humans too, we have tried to have a lot staff to help you quickly, but sometimes you may need to wait so please wait as staff members maybe offline.

    • I have tried to include various people who speak Different languages, into staff to help on forum, so if we lack any language related moderator, we may use translator to help you.

    If you have any Questions or Problems Just feel free to DM me or mention me and I'll be happy to help you. 🙂

    Please Remember that people breaking rules will be warned First in DM by staff members, later will be punished with Ban on forum for some durations & the people who try to raid the forum using alts or with friends, will be IP Banned & the punishment may be given on BG too if the person has done something very serious.

    Thankyou 🙂
    -Blockman Go Forum Moderators Team

  • @Rishu23 i thought only i knew that black background text but u know too :V bruh

  • BG Assistant

    @Galaxy_Ruler lol I'm manager of forum, ik about everything on this forum xD

  • @Rishu23 i thought its a glitch and i found it but do evry staff know about it ?

  • @Rishu23 ROGER THAT "Salute"

  • Chief Mod

    @Rishu23 finally u did this I was wondering when u would actually post rules on here.

  • Banned

    @Gamerboy10BG This was originally posted because of my words xd

  • Chief Mod

    @Naber123kanka lol thanks 👍👍

  • @Rishu23 so basicially in solos this person gave me there account for free they had a security questions on it so it was my acc but I forgot the pass and cant log in what do I do 😕

  • ok i get it and rishu so many ppl are telling BG Games that be my bf gf

  • Banned

    @lostmy_account Mods will take care of you if you post in the right category.

  • hmm ok .......................

  • BG Assistant

  • BG Assistant

    @lostmy_account 👉 Important things u should know about recovering your account:
    1.Fill the form:
    2.Make sure you have filled it properly. Make sure that you’ve provided: 1) your ID; 2)the email you are using to receive the results; 3) the most important thing is your top up records. If you have topped up before, you should provide your top up records (google play receipts, app pay receipts or codashop)as detailed as possible. Otherwise the account 100% WILL NOT be recovered.
    Q: What if I didn’t set an email to my account?
    A: Leave it as : didnt put

    Q: What if I didn’t remember any info of the account ? (birthday, safty, etc. )
    A: If you have TOPPED UP before, make sure you have provided your top up records in the form, we’ll check that; if you didn’t top up before., and the other information didn’t match with the system, then sorry the account won’t be recovered.

    Q: Do I need to answer every question in the form?
    A: Yes and you should answer them precisely.

    Q:What if I let my friend topped me up?
    A: Ask him/her for records and attach them in the form.

    Remember: Never give away any personal infos.

  • @Rishu23 uuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh where

  • Ok dude I’ll follow it

  • Ki hoya hai b and I have yd rekhyo in the world and the other side the morning r right eye exam er ki hoya ae

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