ACC Swap Fraud

  • At the starting this guy add me and Didn't said anything in it U add him and I ask him to Top up me 360 Gcubes for keys fragments he said "why not" he Talk so Sweet Like A Innocent Person And than he said we need trust so let's acc swap
    He also said God Promise and than his was difficult to remember than he gave his I gv my And Than he sended me Wrong and he took my Clan and He Sell my pick axe,iron ingot,gold tomb Runes....Plsss Blockman Get back my Clan this is My alt acc I won't Gv my Real Acc here :'(.....That Guy's ID
    Want more proof?!

    Check out this video

  • @Spibo_98 we can't give you your clan back because it isn't recoverable also switching accounts is illegal 😕 but we will take your report of that guy thank you for reporting him and sorry about your clan

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