We want justice!

  • Ok so I was wondering why all these people, and why was their BG accounts was only going to be banned for only one week. They got the wrong people and they probably only spammed or did what they said, but they failed to realize the bigger picture! that this attack was focused on the officials and causing massive destruction to the BG servers and they succeeded, with several officials being token grabbed and their accounts infiltrated, as they invited nuke bots and deleted channels. Whoever who sent them that token grabber should be punished and not them, and whoever found guilty should have their BG account ultimately deleted.

    here's how bad the raid was

  • Banned

    @Cyra_Dreemurr Hi Catra,I need you to add me in discord ASAP itโ€™s important.

  • Chief Mod

    @Cyra_Dreemurr I strongly agree with you and as @MarshBmgo said make sure to add them on discord and talk to them there

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