Egg war suggetion

  • Dear BMGO

    Please make eggwar like old bedwar...Have runes,lobby and more

    Eggwar update suggetion
    -A new item in bedwar no in eggwar
    -A egg is money in my suggetion like key=egg
    -Add more item in eggwar like in old bedwar
    -No dup in eggwar like item dup mattsun using
    -When dead dont keep all
    -Player open chest by egg
    -Player cant buy egg by gcubes but they need to get egg
    Like 1 game win get 2 egg.1 destroy egg get 1 egg.

    In shop
    -The sword effect they need to buy by egg they owned
    Like 200 egg for 1 sword effect.

    -No event using gcubes but use egg
    -No sword,tool skin all are same

    A egg like a key in bedwar
    My suggetion are very needed please update eggwar like this to make some fun.Please dont pay2win

  • Chief Mod

    @MackSTL Thanks for the suggestion. I'll forward it to the BG officials 🙂

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