Bg ruined

  • Dear BG

    I very weakness about bg,and new update.The event in bedwar are so op.Every day i see so many people buy season pass cuz the event...It just make the game badly..Old season pass are good than new.And new item make the game unfair player can run free.In game i see enemy team full or season pass buyer and abuse all..The free item is badly.I think bg just make player to buy Gcubes.And please boost lobby,when i play game its so smooth but in lobby i got say 'System UI not Responding' sorry if this badly but this are real..and runes are running.Some time my connection speed but when i use safety flatrapom i falling but the slime not wroking..The plaglide bug is bad..In desert map praglide just 50℅ wroking.Please dont add more weakness.Old bg in game are 80k but new its became 70k..Bg ruined Please stop it.All new player rich.I knkw i say is bad but i relly real.Srry

  • BG Assistant

    @MackSTL Thanks for your suggestion and from the new season of Bedwars pass Bg officials Will try to create balance and the newpass in future will be good

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