time to grow into something... bigger

  • with an (i think) almost 100,000 active players comunity, shouldnt it be time to GROW UP?, besides, i do believe more than the 50% of those players payed gcubes, so sandbox co might have money (must be why we have 3d models) however, all that money just is drained by bedwars, but thats another topic, what i want to say is, blockman kinda has alot of players, and lets not count ghost accounts, anyways, with all that said, shouldnt there be more things to kinda grow?

    upgrade the pc site: i have alot of topics relating this, but if we wanna grow we need to get pc and mobile balanced.

    ads(?): ads (but only when they are made with effort and honest) actually atrack players to the game, i have an ad idea showing clips of games of all genres and different avatars to atrack more users.

    gcubes giftcard: pretty much explinatory by the title

    gift option: give gcubes, goldcoins, bcubes, etc...

    give more uses to bcubes and goldcoins


    and maybe something like action figures that have a code that gives something special

  • @675575536 do you any experience in game development? I think not and also with an average player base who arent even 15 yet, 50% paid seems exaggerated
    Sometimes things are easier said than done this is one of them

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