I Lost My JamesSD Account I'd 3220826992

  • My account got Scammed by darkfezent
    He told me that he will give me 3900 Gcubes
    But I told him I will give the id but he said that he needs the password we exchanged account
    In the count of 1-20 I put the wrong password and his password was correct so I give my password hoping to get 3900 Gcubes but then I Din't do anything wrong to his account
    He changed my password and his account password too
    My id was 3220826992 Name Was JamesSD
    Now my name is changed

  • @JamesDeldo
    I also have a youtube channel name
    JamesSD BG now I named it JamesSD
    If my account is back I will change it back to JamesSD BG I Love BMGO I Was Very Very Happy I Also Have Gcubes On My Account 149


  • @JamesDeldo Who scammed you and do you have any proof?

  • @JamesDeldo Important things you should know about recovering your account:

    1. Fill out the form: https://forms.gle/aJSCLSeoUHZ1SGL98
    2. Make sure you fill it correctly. Make sure you provide: 1) your ID; 2) the email address you use to receive the results; 3) the most important thing is your top-up records. If you have funded your account before, you must provide your top-up records (Google Play receipts, app receipts, or codashop) in as much detail as possible. Otherwise, the 100% account WILL NOT be restored.
      Q: What if I have not set up an email address for my account?
      A: Leave as: didnt put any@gmail.com

    Q: What if I don't remember any account information? (birthday, safty, etc.)
    A: If you have done RECEIVING UPDATE before, please make sure you include your top-up records in the form, we will check it; If you have not replenished your account before, and other information does not match the system, then we are sorry that your account will not be restored.

    Q: Do I need to answer all the questions on the form?
    A: Yes, and you must answer them accurately.

    Q : What if I let a friend top up me?
    A: Ask him / her to provide notes and attach them to the form.

    Remember: never divulge personal information.