Why Egg wars does not have Updates?

  • Egg wars is a popular and old Game but why does not it have any updates please tell if you have any ideas! As I know BG developers shall not focus on updating 1 game called, " bed wars " only. There is other Games too which are very popular! Those Games also has possibilities of being popular and amazing like, " Bed wars ". Many players are un-installing Blockman Go Because only Bed wars have updates and there is no update in other Games such as, " Egg wars " even many of my friends are not playing Blockman Go Games nowadays due to that reason! I just wanna say, "Please Update as many games as possible in Blockman Go". In my Opinion, "All the Games in Blockman Go are amazing and they must have many updates coming regularly, Blockman Go Games has possibility to achieve more amazing stats than some popular ROBLOX Games too". So I just wanna say, " Please update every Games at least few more than just 1, Hope BG Team will do it, Thanks! " ­čśŐ

  • @AashirBG thanks for the idea

  • #UpdateEggwars

  • Banned

    Yumurta sava┼člar─▒ Blocmangonun en eski oyunlar─▒ndan biri bence g├╝ncelleme yap─▒l─▒rsa bed warstan bile daha iyi olabilir

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