Nice Update

  • The update is pretty great , you cant just get rushed , like sure , the person next to your team might have the axe rune and iron rune to get wool imediately so you can get rushed , but atleast you can stand a chance. Anyways:
    Diamond armour is CHEAP. Believe or not you can bride to the middle to get two emeralds for the leggings immediatly (2 spawners) so the prices need a increase. And armor can confuse you , you might try to attack your own teammate because your on red and they have gold armour (yellow) or you mistaken a enemy for a teammate because of their armor. And their should be protection base thingy things. Like Unseeing (anybody entering your base will have their veiw half blocked. I can explain later what i mean if you want just ask. Detector (ik we have them) but they arent effeciant there are THOUSANDS of ways to avoild to we need something. For e.g , other route. Decreasing its hp. So it should be a protection base thingy thing (these are permanent once bought for the match). There should be reload time. Each weapon as a reload time. Hitting when reloaded will cause more damage than normally. It would prevent people from just spamming like its annoying you screen wont move. There is teleporting bug. Where if you try to move you might just get keep getting teleported back. It is annoying especially when in a BAD situation. And the dragon scroll is also CHEAP. Only 10 emeralds. Now in duos or solos , this isnt hard cuz most of the time there is nobody at emeralds and you can get 3-4 from each. And that people dont die when they should, there are some laggy people who i push off and they just tp back. Also it kinda bugs me that resporectives dont tp you back to where you threw it , but it teleports you to where you were when it reached. And next is the most important thing: Picking up. Those fake diamond traps arent worth. You can run past them most of the time because the game wont pick it up. And make it so you can punch tnt to light it when place. Because i AM Not a fan of getting blown up by my own trap. And this is the final idea: 0 hp glitch. Yep , people can go to having 0 hearts and live. It makes no sense and messes up my kills. A person with 3 hp if hit will die , but no , turns out now they are at 0 hp and i end up dying. And sometimes you will just go through a slimepad. Fix this also. Anyways thats it for all my ideas. Thanks if you read it 😄

  • @TheGoatYouSaw thank you for your feedback and suggestions

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