Bedwars Becoming PAY TO WIN Game

  • Please remove new Inventory from the Bedwars because Many players are quitting the game due to this. All these are destroying the game. 😭😭
    Like, new players come without runes and just Buy G-Cubes and upgrade to VIP and get TNTs, Obsidians, Gold, Iron and Invisibility Potions. And when the game starts they don't still wait for a minute and they Cover the bed with Obsidians and use TNTs to kill players. And they easily win the game.
    The Runes are becoming useless because Rich Player kills using TNTs and ender pearl.
    The players who have worked hard to get Runes are now useless.
    How can the poor peoples can afford these stuffs?? How can they Play this game. Every rich player will kill them using TNTs even if they have Max Leeching!!
    The developers of this game are thinking only of their money not of players who can't afford them.
    This is just wasting players Money.
    Bedwars is becoming Pay to win Game!!!!..
    Many players are switching to Eggwars which is now better than Bedwars.
    Eggwars is now a Fair game and Bedwars is Now Unfair.
    In Eggwars you need Skills to win and in Bedwars you need G Cubes to win.
    Please I request to Remove all these stuffs from the Bedwars. 🙏

  • @PirateXPGamerBG2 dude plz understand that the bmgo developers need some income to sponsor the app and if u have a prob with g cubes then u can play with ur friends and bedwars is not pay to win u need skill u get full leaching u can kill everyone

  • ohh and if u really want gcubes u can make a good game on bmgo editor and when ppl pay gcubes on ur game u will get then right @Rishu23

  • @choclatemilk i have leeching but most players kill me with tnt how is this fair if they are rich

  • tnt comes in the prop chest and the reward center and can be bought with 3 emerald

  • @PirateXPGamerBG2 jump down with a platform when the tnt guy use tnt

  • Chief Mod

    @PirateXPGamerBG2 sorry but things like runes will not be removed because People worked hard to get those but also the prop backpack I don't like too and I'll send that into the officials but not runes because they won't be removed ever

  • @Gamerboy10BG yes i like runes but i don't like prop bagpack because it is making the game unfair. I am not saying remove vip pass but i am saying to remove props from vip pass. This will make bedwars game better and fair.