add motion blur and more to blockman editor high settings

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    you guys know blockman editor or blockman go new grraphic engine have low and high graphic settings? high settings of it have vietene realistic reflections and some low resolution animated shadows but plsss and motion blur to it it need one! all games high settings have a motion blur this is how i imagine blockman editor high settings with motion blurPicsArt_07-05-04.48.53.jpg
    it will be good if you add some more graphic options like higher resolution shadows SSAO HDR bloom antialiasing anisotropic filtering and more dont worry about the LAGS! every player who have lags with high settings tries low setting deal?? low setting have no graphic options high settings have a lot! thanks for the perfect developers who made all this

  • @JustAVillagerLOL ok, thx for ur suggestion.

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