A very important question to all mod and staff in bg forum

  • Hi all Im new here
    and I like to help people
    Now I straight to the point
    is the form of recovery account link are mod work?
    As you know we can find this link ourself in forum and we dont need mod to
    keep sending this form even if you didnt find on forum discord have too!!
    And if the moderator and staff not online but offline
    and someone needs help should we just let it slipped away from our eyes
    we can just simply help them because sometime they emergency
    and we just give him the form is this also call mod work?
    then if the real world only have a few chosen moderator and staff
    but they not online or didnt see it
    and the people dont try to help
    I bet this world gonna end

  • Chief Mod

    @Magicboy10 xD Chill, few people cant find the form on forum and discord is for people over 13 ,just in case the user who needs help is not 13 we can help them through forum or if they don't have enough space in their phone to install discord. Nope you can't do the forum work as the team rn is active players will get reply in a few minutes we won't leave them unreplied for hours. That is why we are here

  • Banned

    Not everyone can respond instantly.

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