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  • Chief Mod

    Hello there everyone, Today i bring an event to forums.

    How it works : Basically you make a BlockManGo montage. It can be made/ recorded on any minigame on BG . Although i would love to see some Build and Shoot and Eggwars/Sky Royale montages . Bedwars is still accepted but try to stand out from the crowd. Anyways It ends at Friday 5:30 PM Hong Kong Time .

    If you finished it, Submit it here :

    Guys try your best to not use copyrighted or over-used songs. It'll be more fun and exciting. Your videos can be as long as you want but don't make it like an hour LOL

    Prizes will be decided later and it's Top 3 Best so Goodluck 😄

  • Chief Mod

    This post is deleted!

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