Vice City Suggestion

  • Vice City is a copy-paste version of Jailbreak.
    As a player, we don't want to play similar games if the first game was enjoyable and had so many experiences such as Rankings. (We don't wanna be in level 1 in a new but similar game... We would like to keep playing jailbreak more, because we have done a lot there and bought a bunch of G cubes, rather than playing Vice City as a level 1 player.

    •Change the Game Concept - there are so many popular games than Jailbreak and I want to explain my idea for this game.
    •You can try Everyone is a "Criminal" and no police 👮❎ Everyone is an Enemy and Can Team up If you accept his invitation for teaming up and can quit the Team if you wanna betray and take all his/her Rich that is the trill of my game idea. Each Player has a base and he/she can upgrade such as upgrade your door, add a Cage surrounding your base, Traps, Alarm button. So what is the purpose of these upgrades - Since Everyone is a criminal they can rob your house and buy themselves Epic equipment like Guns, Backpack and Cars.
    You can buy Cars from a certain place where you can only buy From a Car Dealer. The thing in the Vice city is you can drive all cars but in my idea, there will be no cars everywhere in the City.
    Because it's very Easy to Rob when you have a Car and in Vice City police is very poor and always get Killed but my Idea 💡 will improve this a lot (no police) everyone is a criminal they all fight/kill each other so they can be Rich 🤑 and also add Ranks for the most Richest Player in the game.
    If you're reading this I hope you will take my suggestions. Because all I want is to support Blockman Go and stop copying from other games like Roblox and Minecraft ...but I know this is a various games. Every game is all here.

    Others- I made my own game in blockman editor and I was happy that all of my games are accepted and im just waiting them to get in Blockman go.

    •As a blockman editor player in the android phone (available, Pc not available yet) we have this barrier for making our own games, because we dont have enough resources or Tools to make our own game.

    About my self
    •I love to build 🔨
    •I love to do animation about Blockman Go (Soon to be post on my Yt Channel)
    •I love to do Art


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