why my games keeps refusing???

  • Banned

    guys i work with blockman editor i made 6 games in blockman editor but all of them refused heres my games:

    Rabbit Wars!

    Rabbit Royale!

    Rabbit Strike!

    hall of comunities

    War Never Changes

    The NULL's Objective

    all of them refused because of some dumb reasons heres the reasons

    Rabbit Wars: The Game Was Simple
    Rabbit Royale:The Game Was Lack Of Self Innvovation
    Rabbit Strike:The Game Was Lack Of Self Innvovation
    Hall Of Comunities:The Game Was Simple
    War Never Changes:The Game Was Simple
    The NULL's Objective:The Game Wasn't Self Tested

    so guys if you wanna test my games add me in bg (ID: 2616224656) and tell me to host my game

    thank you guys for reading this topic pls comment below and say anything you want!

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