good news and bad news

  • Hello there BG i was telling this news well good news is that if you are participating in the children's day event if your in day 2 you have a 100 percent chance that you can get the pink scarf 🧣 but bad news is ios operating system people also known as apple version of BG has no childrens day event in ios so pls add it if your not adding it maybe people from ios has tochange to android but here's a fun fact that bg in iphone 5s people playing in that sometime your cam will just move automatically like a piece of s*** but even roblox even does that in iphone 5s WTF but to fix it just fist punch it and happy fathers day bye

    Best regards


  • and i played bg in iphone 5s i am a tester

  • BG Assistant

    @roody Sorry for the inconvenience, soon in the near future, which is very soon, both the iOS and android BG update will be given together & And iOS will get some new features

  • its ok but if ios people can download from apk right

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