• And the form wont help those whose accounts R lost or hacked they wont get it back by the silly form. asking about...when did u play THIS game last time and when did u created the account. like what tha..🤯🤯 ik we dont have to say the exact words but still comeon man. Try something else talk to the officials this wont help recover our fricken accounts!! I think it's just a waste of time. Well anyways.
    Sorry if I said anything which made u mad 😕 😞

  • if they will solve your safety questions they might get in just type your id number in that if you typed your password and its not working press forgot password then if thats even changed just try again and again dont stop it if you tried it so much times just make a new acc from ios or android

  • @roody Well
    I tryed it but it didnt work...

  • hmm if you can make an another acc i will top up you 60 g cubes

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