Acc got hacked

  • My account got hacked
    My account id is 19505856
    ,And i have facebook login and this is enough to prove that this is my account
    ,But someone hack it and change the password and he put security questions
    So now i do not know the password and I can't change it when i login with my Facebook account
    And i have YouTube channel and i do about 3 vids with my account that got hacked and this is another prove
    I need help plz delete security questions of this id 19505856

  • Chief Mod

    @google2407305 Hi
    Fill the form to recover your account and read the rest of this message pls:

    1.Fill the form:
    2.Make sure you have filled it properly. Make sure that you’ve provided: 1) your ID; 2)the email you are using to receive the results; 3) the most important thing is your top up records. If you have topped up before, you should provide your top up records (google play receipts, app pay receipts or codashop)as detailed as possible. Otherwise the account 100% WILL NOT be recovered.
    Q: What if I didn’t set an email to my account?
    A: Leave it as : didnt put

    Q: What if I didn’t remember any info of the account ? (birthday, safty, etc. )
    A: If you have TOPPED UP before, make sure you have provided your top up records in the form, we’ll check that; if you didn’t top up before., and the other information didn’t match with the system, then sorry the account won’t be recovered.

    Q: Do I need to answer every question in the form?
    A: Yes and you should answer them precisely.

    Q:What if I let my friend topped me up?
    A: Ask him/her for records and attach them in the form.

    Remember: Never give away any personal infos.

    New information about recovering your account, if you have not had your account recovered within a week after submitting the google form, it means, you probably didn't submit it right. The main issue with the form, is sometimes the email that you type is invalid without realising it, so make sure to double-check all your info before submitting.

    BlockmanGO has been responding to all google forms, but some of them are invalid responses seen as they have no way to contact you.

    Here is the Google Form:

    BlockmanGO Forum:

    Those will be useful links so I recommend bookmarking them to google chrome (or whatever browser you use)

    To fill the google form out again you must do it with a different google account, access this in a different application/browser.

    Hope you have a great rest of your day!

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