Suggestion For "TRAINERS ARENA"

  • Umm so i have been playing trainers arena now for a month and i have completed all things i can do in it. So u can make an update that can bring new regions to that game like in real pokemon show there is , Kanto , Hoenn, Jhoto , Sinnoh , Kalos and many regions are there , u can add them in this game , the portal in the last of the game it could take us to different regions , and when we enter different regions our pets can reset so the new ncp's be harder , and u can make a new league system , like at the end of every month u can make a league in which many players fight each other and win and the last player who wins get 3 master balls and 1 any 5star pet , that would be awesome if u add it. and its been a long time since u haden't added new pets so add them new pets for new regions as i told it would be nice if there was something like that . so that was my suggestion about trainers arena .

  • @Galaxy_Ruler Thank you for your suggestions I will send that to Officials

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