1. Update ios same version as android, i just want to play with my friend who use android 😞 so unfair for ios
    2. Add submit button after click the keep button in bedwar, skywar, …. I lost alot gcubes 😞
    3. Add tools rune to diamond chest or make it buyable, i am lv max and there is no way i can get it 😞
    4. Give more key when winning
    5. Make it easier to get leeching 3
    6. Update games like Egg war and Sky war
    7. Remove fishing rod or make a cooldown 10 sec for it
    8. Make the tnt in bedwar does less dam or make it just to break block and do no dam, the noob can kill pro player with full diamond tools and armor with 2 tnt
      I am glad if BMGO update this 🙂 🙂

  • 1 yeh its unfair
    2 yeh me too when i pvp someone i accidently click reborn
    3 do that BMGO devs
    4 dont have any thing to say cuz im gud
    5 brokennnn
    6 update it plz(BMGO devs are trying their best soo after update other gam)

  • BG Elite

    @mitbingo agreeeeee on all of those but just use double key thing

  • Chief Mod

    @mitbingo some/most of these probably won't happen like leach 3 and tnt but other than that Thanks for the suggestion. I'll forward it to the BG officials 🙂

  • pls remove the bed wars update its worst now

  • Yes give more key when winning, before you get 12 keys when winning and now 6 it's unfair

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