New bedwars update suggestions

  • I am a bg player from more than 6 months
    and i loved all the updates!

    The suggestions:-
    1.change position of back pack of gcubes!
    2.Add some ranks like vip, mvp, player, Youtube with the name of the players.
    3.add some more levels to horn events!
    4.add solo and dual mod in quick access
    5.add a game folder so gamers can edit textures for thier games
    6.If able add a graphic and shader option.
    7.And try to add pov levels too!
    8.For bg pc add mousewheel control to change hotbars of inventorys, so it will be more easy to play for pc players!

    So This are my suggestions.
    Hope bg devlopers read this and Apply this things!!

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