problems with controls and more in net

  • so i played with the net (It works) but...


    so my control set-up is really weird, but i just cant play good without them

    so heres to understand more:

    forwards: up arrow

    left: left arrow

    right: right arrow

    backwards: down arrow

    throw item: s

    inventory: i

    attack/destroy: n

    place/interact: m

    so i tried editing controls but didnt worked though; also you can add a interact and attack especific button? since the click doesnt works, i cant throw snow balls or tnt in snowball battle or snow man defendes, i can only break, thats huge bug.

    also you cant move alot camera in game wile moving.

    another thing is that you cant specify where in screen you hit.

    lack of some stuff

    no events in net

    so i realized theres no events in net, its kind of frustraiting, since its the only thing to spend gold coins now. since now they only want mattsun´s clothes that are obtained by clan level 3, meaning they wont stop exploiting groups for it.

    other thing is theres not all games, i love player made games, since its creation's of people outside of blockman team, and im one of the only ones who know that blockman isnt just bedwars, and make people´s work be worth, i also play underated games (any game which isnt jail break, bed wars, or skyblock)

    so please if you can fix this

  • BG Assistant

    Pls tell what version u were playing on?

  • i was playing in pc, i dont know were to see versions, however i have a question: will ever gcubes be removed and the game stop being pay to win? will the pc version be ever be upgraded to be as good as mobile while keeping like old blockman (cause there is alot of things in pc one that are unavaible)