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  • Hi if you got any suggestions for us please fill out this Suggestion Submission Form we created. We will go through the submissions daily and if the suggestions got taken by our dev. team we will reward the applicant with 2000 G-cubes. First come first serve only the one who submit the earliest can get the reward!!!!!

    Here is the link:
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  • 42105c51-4387-49f6-8e42-921df4dc28a0-image.png I play on pc but dis error comes so pls update pc (dis error has been coming for 3 days) and I would like it if you do it as soon as possible and I really miss playin bedwars 😞 plsss

  • ab0b3f9a-12e0-4a95-a00f-fe77ca097db7-image.png
    pls update bedwars party system there isn't any option to create a private party on pc

  • HERE IS MY SUGGESTION IN EGG WARS. I genuinely love egg wars and i really wish there is more to it like more maps more items many different gamemodes like overpowered mode where everything is so cheap and every gear and weapons are already enchanted , or hardcore mode where in hardcore mode all of the items are much more expensive than usual. Or have kits like the ones u have in luckyblock skywars. Or even have like a gamemode where you have more health. Btw i got all of this from the egg wars in cubecraft. I wish u guys would be able to make it similar to the egg wars in cubecraft. Cubecraft is a server in minecraft like hypixel.

  • @google1946094 Please upload the folder C : \ Users \ YourUser \ AppData \ Local \ BlockmanGo \ client \ document
    and send to a place, for example Google Drive the documents: client and old_engine_pc and send us the links so that the administrator can give you the details.

  • @WildEnder23 Blockman has his style and could be reported for copying in that part, but I like your idea

  • @google1946094 The reason for this problem is If you’re android player and when you play on pc, die to changes in version for switching from mobile to android (probably bcos of version difference between both) you are unable to play on pc, pls wait patiently for pc version to get update.

  • MY SUGGESTION ABOUT SKYBLOCK :look so the thing is that not every one have g cubes to make party in skyblock so u could add new type of cubes for skyblock party only . like there are Gcubes, Bcubes and u can add a cube like skycubes or something like that and the only use of that must be to create parties , at the start of every new world and existing world after they updated as a starter process u can give everyone 20 skycubes as default and u can make that 100,000 coins means price of 1 Amethyst Gem = 5 skycubes or something like that , and this is ur choice i personally think its good cause after the free ones every one have a dream of creating parties of their own and trade so if u can pls update this suggestion in the game .

    Thankyou ❤

  • @Carlos_BGMX thanks

  • @Galaxy_Ruler I will inform the officers

  • Cant playbug.png

  • mano o anti cheat do pc ele é um lixo no celular vc poe quantos blocos tu quiser por segundo no pc ce so poe um resolve isso ta

  • BG Assistant

    @luigigamertop feche o antivirum, quando quiser jogar BG no PC

  • Разработчики, у меня появилась идея! Надо делать облегчённую версию Blockman Go. Графика: Там будет отключено освещение. Эта версия Blockman Go будет подходить для очень слабых и старых устройств. Системные требования для Android: 1. 1-ядерный процессор. 2. Оперативная память не менее 512 мб. 3. Версия Android 4.1. 4. Свободное место 320 мб. Системные требования для IOS: 1. Процессор Apple A6 и новее. 2. Оперативная память не менее 256 мб. 3. Версия IOS 6. 4. Свободное место 250 мб.

  • Hi, I would like to give a suggestion for BMGO.

    -P2W Events Suggestions-

    Yes I know, many players have already complained about P2Ws and even quit Blockman GO because of it. Many of my in-game friends also quit.

    This is my personal suggestions for P2W that may prevent players from quitting BG :

    • Bring back old events. Many players are now hunting for old and rare Items, like the backgrounds from the Jigsaw Event, Thug-Life glasses, etc. New skin's prices should be lowered, since they aren't too interesting (Add least for me.)

    • More profile backgrounds would be nice.

    • I recommend Blockman GO to not add too many P2W events since the majority players of Blockman GO are childrens. P2W events are OK since BMGO's economy are now poor, but please balance between paid and free events to cheer players up. Blockman GO started to lose players because of the new P2W system.

    -UI Suggestions-

    • More BMGO themes would be nice, because players can choose different UIs beside the Light and Night mode themes.

    • Players can choose solid colors as their profile background and not pay 30-100 Tickets for good ones. (This Idea may be messed up, but if you like it then please add it :] )

    • Players can buy moving avatars (Like in Steam Points Shop, but not copying it.)

    -In-Game Suggestions-

    • Please balance the BedWar's rank system, many new players and amateurs meet with OP Players/P2W players which is not fun.

    I have submitted some suggestions in G. Form simillar to this, but I think I missed some suggestions. That's all I can say for BMGO. Thanks! 🙂

    • davemcmiller

  • @DaveMiller12345 New skins price should be lowered *at least for me


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