Winch android emulator is better to play blockman go on?

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    as everyone knows we have apps named android emulators they used to run android apps and games on windows they have supported apps and games the supported ones definetly run without any problem if you have the minimum system specs but the unsupported games maybe not work as well now lets go back to our main lesson the BG yeah BG is unsupported in all emulators and we gonna test it in four main emulators now the emulators are these: Blustacks,MEmuPlay,Nox Player and LDPlayer
    i set the settings of all these emulators to 4gb ram 4 cpu cores and directx rendering lets test the latest version of bg on them now heres the results i got

    resource loading time: 26 seconds
    ingame fps: around 25
    no any crushs or running problems
    no any good reasons make this emulator special

    MEmu Play:
    resource loading time: 30 seconds
    in game fps: around 45
    in game loading sometimes stucks at checking user data please wait
    no any good reasons make this emulator special

    Nox Player:
    resource loading time: 19 seconds
    in game fps: around 20
    BG crushs every minute in nox
    nox supports mouse screen swipe without using keys we can have very good gameplay using this feature

    resource loading time: 20 seconds
    in game fps: around 15
    no any crushs or running problems
    no any good reasons make this emulator special

    lets vote the emulators on the results we got now here how i voted:

    Blustacks: Playable
    MEmu: Playable
    Nox: Unplayable cuz game crushs every minute
    LD: Hardly Playable cuz we got a lot of lags

    you vote like you want now in this post's comments but use one of these words for judgement pls: Playable,Hardly Playable,Insanely Playable,Unplayable and if its Hardly Playable Insanely Playable Or Unplayable tell a reason why it is

    is there any other android emulator can we play BG on?

    is there any other things you wanna say?


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    @JustAVillager tysm but the official webiste is the best but it isint updated, i suggest memu

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    This post is deleted!

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    @JustAVillager DO NOT SWEAR

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