Skyblock Party Suggestions

  • look so the thing is that not every one have g cubes to make party in skyblock so u could add new type of cubes for skyblock party only . like there are Gcubes, Bcubes and u can add a cube like skycubes or something like that and the only use of that must be to create parties , at the start of every new world and existing world after they updated as a starter process u can give everyone 20 skycubes as default and u can make that 100,000 coins means price of 1 Amethyst Gem = 5 skycubes or something like that , and this is ur choice i personally think its good cause after the free ones every one have a dream of creating parties of their own and trade so if u can pls update this suggestion in the game .

    Thankyou ❤

  • Chief Mod

    Thank you for your suggestion!

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