G-star code Program

    1. What is the Video Stars program?
      BG Video Stars is a program for Top BG video creators. BG provides video stars with G-cubes bonus and YT channel promotion so that they can produce high-quality content for BG, serve their subs better, and build their own businesses.

    2.Benefits and allowances of program

    1. Video Stars membership
    2. Give spoilers of game updates in advance
    3. Video promotion of the official BG channel
    4. Use code to earn G-cubes and exchange them for dollars
    5. Exclusive video star badge on the profile page (to be opened)
    1. How to use G-Star Code?
      You can share your G-Star Code on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, or other social media. When the player uses your code to support you, you will automatically get 5% of the gold cube purchased by the player on the BG App. The video star can accumulate a certain amount of G-cubes and withdraw at the exchange rate (400 G-cubes = $1 USD).

    2. Program Requirements

    1. A YouTube channel with no less than 20k subs and 20k of average views for all the videos.
    2. Having the G-star code, BG official website, and download links of BG App(IOS and Android) in the description box.
    3. Having G-star codes in the intro of the video
    4. When a content creator gets the G-star code the creator has to make a video to inform the partnership with BG. Let viewers know the content and details about the G-star program
    5. When the new Game, items, skins, and events going online G-star code owners must make video content about them within a week (The new content video could be about Event/items/skins review, gaming tutorial, etc).
    6. Keep all the accounts secure. Set the security questions and email and never share the account information with others
    7. Cannot make any content about negative attitude, fake information, Bug/glitch abuse, the use of third party plug-in, afking, and scamming.
    8. No purchasing accounts or selling accounts.
    9. No racism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, sexism, bullying, or otherwise harassment of other players. This also extends to your in-game names, user names, name of the party, clan name, clan tags, or other personal identifiers.
    10. No using your status as a member of the G-star program to attack, threaten, mass report, or generally abuse other players in-game.
    11. Blockman Go reserves the right to modify these requirements or terminate a G-star owner’s partnership at any time, for any reason, without notice. We will notify all G-star program members of any changes as or before they take effect.

    5.How to join the Program?
    BG Video Stars Program only accepts invitations. If the video owner meets the above standards and wants to be recognized, please Send your YouTube Channel Link, BG ID number, contact Thebigboy in our Discord server. The official team will review the quality of the work within 1 week and decide whether to issue the G-Star Code.

    How to initiate a withdrawal application?
    1)The account is not less than $100 USD
    2) Select the cash withdrawal amount, initiate the application, and enter the required information
    3) BG Official will review the request and grant the allowance to your account within 7 working days

    1. Special warnings:
      *G-Star code owners are allowed to make a withdrawal request every 7 days
      *Overseas payment processing fees incurred by withdrawals need to be borne by members and automatically deducted when withdrawing
      *If Blockman Go determines that the video star violates the regulations and negatively affects the game, BG has the right to freeze its code functions
      *The final interpretation of this event belongs to Blockman Go

    Withdrawal instructions:

    1. There are 3 levels of withdrawals and the account is not less than $100 USD
    2. G-Star code owners are allowed to make a withdrawal request every 7 days
    3. Overseas payment processing fees incurred by withdrawals need to be borne by members and automatically deducted when withdrawing
    4. The personal information filled in when applying for withdrawal must be true and accurate, and cannot be modified after submission
    5. After successful submission, the withdrawal will enter the review process, and the BG official will pay within 7 working days
    6. The final interpretation of this activity belongs to Blockman Go

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