Ordinary Concerns, But Crucial

  • It is too obvious that many people despise the new props in Bed Wars. However, I would still like to highlight the things that we all detest. WAIT WHAT!!. Apple, for 4 gold ingots! GALLOPING GARGOYLES! Its the most important thing in the props after safety platform. Furthermore, The dragon gives an odd feeling...like we are not in Bed Wars anymore. Feels more like the world being spun the wrong way around. Must admit that a great thing you did was making the Item Shop more accessible but that was one fresh apple among the hundred over-ripe ones.

    I understand that you people want to make Bed Wars different from Egg Wars but THATS ENOUGH!
    You guys are spoiling the old fun. The memories are being CRASHED! It really saddens us old players who have been playing since/before 2019.

    Mind doing some Math in fixing this?

  • @YusraDanish Thank you for reporting that, I will send it to officials.

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