Require updated for Skyblock(if can)

  • So umm somehow I think Skyblock creator needs to update this
    -Unlimited lava when a X form fill with 4 lava by each side, the centre have create endless lava
    -add some trap door (can be open by visitor)in the crafting table also enchanting table too
    -enchant need use some new material name like gemstone(different color have different skills)of course have percent to fail destroy or success
    -some new plants(berry,nut,corn)
    -change shop into shop island (only can buy at there)
    -some new potions for pvp like poison splash 0.25 damage 1 sec, slowdown speed 5%
    -some new armor and weapon with ruby what if titan plus ruby have 23 armor 80 health, ruby only 100health ,20armor , skill regen 1 min get 5 health , ruby sword 13damage skill can unlock with enchanting

  • @TRIVIALONE Thank you for the suggestions, I will send that to officials.

  • @TRIVIALONE corn is already in skyblock but i think this should be add pls add it bmgo officals

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