Can't change pfp or send photos

  • Hello it's been long but you can't change your pfp or send a image on the app.
    What it does: Doesn't change you're PFP or sending a image it won't show up on the app.
    What it says: Error, Couldn't load media.

  • Chief Mod

    Please record this problem using a screen recorder and upload it on YT to send the link here so officials can understand what's the bug and also please provide your BG ver, phone name and OS .

    Thanks :]

  • Same thing happened to me, i formatted my phone and then i couldn't use photos again, the last update i used was 2.8.2 to change my pfp, so i am installing the 2.8.2 update again to see if i can do it again
    OS: Android 10
    Phone: Moto G8 Plus
    BG Ver: 2.9.1

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