How to use the message board?

  • In the message board you will see the following:
    Subject in which you are writing.
    The title of the topic;
    And the writing tools; Bold, Italic, List, Strikethrough, Code, Link, Photo, Full Screen, Emojis, Upload Photo and Upload File.

    -In the forum you have an order of each type of problem, choose the one closest to yours. Example: If you need help for something, make a topic here (Questions and concerns)
    -Next, write a title about help, advice or something else in Enter the title of your topic ... Example: I lost my account
    In the draft, specify the type of help, advice, tutorial or other; if you need it, use your writing tools.
    1.-Use Bold if you want to write the important points of your topic.
    uso del borrador.png

    2.-Use italics to write something you don't understand.
    uso del borrador.png

    3.-Use list to order what you have done.
    uso del borrador.png

    4.-Use strikethrough if you want to personalize your writing.
    uso del borrador.png

    5.-Use code only when dealing with programming or other reasons.
    uso del borrador.png

    6.-Use link, if you want us to pay attention to a topic or to go to a site, for example, YouTube. (Warning: If you enter a link for promotion "YouTube channel", scam "a fake G-Cubes site", paid services, or about something illegal, you will be sanctioned or warned).
    uso del borrador.png

    7.-Use photo to enter the link of a photo that you want us to see.
    uso del borrador.png

    8.-Use Full Screen to, as the name suggests, make it full.
    uso del borrador.png

    9.-Use Emojis to put how you feel about something that was done or did.
    uso del borrador.png

    10.-Use upload photo to add it here. (Example: G-cubes purchase payment receipt or others)
    uso del borrador.png

    11.-Use upload file to add it to the forum. (Example: C:\ blockmango-client \ client \ document).

    I hope this topic helps you.
    P.D:This is just an example of how to use this, you can customize it to your liking

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