• There's really nothing on clan except doing task and invites people who don't even care and benefits?where? I don't see any-_- I make a clan and it has 22 mems at first who's active but they left one by one they said there's nothing in it except doing tasks and now it's dead it has only 16 mems and those who are actives is gone tho I just start a clan to gather my friends but soon it died--- I tried to make it active but I guess I'm not that good as clan leader but the clan don't have really enough benefits to stay!!! So should I dissolve it coz even me are tired now😩also it's boring. Help BG--

  • @HackVack Speaking as a player, I leave you 3 options:
    1.-Make some events so that they remain active, an example, that can have puzzle fragments
    2.-Assimilating as the first answer, if you have the resources, give them g-cubes (only the assets)
    these two to find a reason to stay active at Blockman
    3.-Dissolve the clan
    Thanks for your attention

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