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  • Account Recovery Description

    Hi mangoes,

    We have discontinued the Google form for account recovery with immediate effect so here’s the information about new way for account recovery.


    • Open Blockman Go app on mobile.

    • Press Password/account recovery

    • Press Forgot Password

    • Enter ID

    • Use Security Email/Security Question to change password.

    • If None of the above work press it.

    • Fill the Form with as much information as you can(Only correct information)
      Choose the reason of losing the account & enter your email for bg to contact you. (This procedure submits the form)

    If all details in form are correct then BG will send you new password through Email (Check spam section in case it may be there)

    If incase you don’t get the mail within 24hrs to 72 hrs then it means that your details are invalid or insufficient.

    Thanks 😃








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  • Major Skyblock Update 10th Feb'23

    【Update content】---2023/2/10

    Feature Update
    We have listened to the suggestions provided by a large number of players in the forum, optimized and added the following functions:
    1.【Trading Function】
    Added trading function, now you can click on the players to trade in the pop-up menu.

    2.【Privacy Settings】
    Added privacy settings in "Settings", now you can prohibit strangers from visiting your home, or prohibit receiving transaction applications

    3.【Display Settings】
    Added display settings in "Settings", now you can customize the appearance display, keep the attributes while hiding part of the appearance display

    4.【Night mode】
    The night mode returns, you just need to manually turn off the night vision effect in the display settings

    5.【Backpack button optimization】
    Added backpack pickup feedback, and added capacity display for the backpack button

    6.【Automatic mining machine optimization】
    In the map function, the output display of the resource island is added, and the sale of mining machines in the resource island is optimized as a batch sale function

    7.【Craft Optimization】
    Optimize the Craft function, now you can quickly make the required items in the craft interface, or quickly jump to the store purchase interface

    1. Fix a lot of known problems.

    Upcoming Events
    Valentine's Day gift packs and Season 5 Pass are coming soon

    1. Added a range damage wand item "Freya's Wand", which can be drawn for a limited time, so hurry up if you want to buy it;

    2. Newly added Valentine's Day gift packs, including Valentine's Day rings and Valentine's Day limited weapons;

    3. The fifth season "Love and Angel" theme pass, unique wing modeling tools, love sword and bow, will be opened on February 15;

    4. Added backtrack treasures, which can be extracted to obtain previous passes and props in events.


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  • Server Merge Official Announcement

    Dear Mangos,

    We wish to inform you of an upcoming change to Blockman GO which will happen on 29 November 2022. Please follow these steps to ensure minimal disruption to your gameplay experience.

    We will have server maintenance starting on 29 November 2022, at 7:00 a.m (GTM+8). Closer to the date, we will share another update on the new app ready for download on the Google Play and App Store. With the new app, you will be able to play with Mangos all over the world.

    Kindly note that if you currently have multiple accounts on the same device, only the last-login account will be retained to the new app. Do ensure to log in using the details of the account you would like to maintain before the scheduled server maintenance.

    For IOS users, do keep the current app until you successfully login in the new app.

    Join our community through to get the most updated news and continue to support Blockman GO.

    The announcement above is for all region except Union & India. For players in these 2 regions there’s no operation to be made, please continue with the current app and ready to meet with Mangos all over the world !

    Thank you.
    Blockman GO Team


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  • Skyblock S2 Update 17th November'22

    Hi Blockman Go Players, the new skyblock update was out yestersay with following Update:

    1. Chat and friends modification
      2.Ore island has reached the lobby
    2. The monster will disappear immediately after death, and fix the problem that the death effect is invalid


    Did you like this new update?? Please give your feedback also feel free to tell your suggestions & ideas.


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  • Feedback on New Blockman Go Events

    Hi guys did you like the new On Going Events on Blockman Go?
    please give your feedback



    Hurry up and try it now!!! 😉

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  • RE: New account Recovery Form

    @Iamcool1072 what happened bro?

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  • India Independence Event

    Hi Guys,
    Dress up !
    Celebrate the Indian Independence Day!
    10 best outfit to win the little surprise we prepared for you !

    Step 1: Match an outfit according to your preference
    Step 2: Go to the game [ Party Street ] and record an emote dance wearing the outfit
    Step 3: Post the video on YouTube with tag #blockmangounion
    Step 5: Don't forget to tell your BG id when you post !!!!

    Tips: The there colors in the India's national flag are saffron, white and green 😉
    Event Duration:
    14th ~ 16th
    indpendance event.png


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  • Welcome to the World of Blockman Go - Union

    Hi guys, I feel great to announce that we have merged Northern Europe, North America, China, Korea, Japan & India into a new Region called UNION & We welcome all the players to this new Region.

    I am Rishu23, Blockman Go Global Assistant & Forum Manager.
    Me and my team of Mods will be happy to help you out.

    For Account Recovery follow the below Image:

    For PC Users, you can DM me.

    For any help, please do ask and me and my mod team will try to help you out at the earliest. 🙂

    Also We are hosting a cool event with 10k Gcubes for our YouTubers.
    For more details join the discord server :


    For all the Non-YouTubers, don't be sad, we are going to do a lot awesome events soon for you guys too.

    Thankyou. 🙂

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  • New Beta Version Out!!!

    Hi Guys, the new Beta Version for Blockman Go is out!!!
    Please check it out!


    Thanks 🤩😎

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  • RE: Something

    @Ohohohohk hi there, if ever that happens then contact me or fill account recovery form on your mobile version of BG

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